Jan 11, 2018

Administration Model

The Administration Committee of ZhiShan Honors School (“Honors School” for short) is chaired by the President and the Party Secretary of Jiangnan University as Committee Directors, and the Deputy President, Deputy Party Secretary as well as of Department Directors of Jiangnan University as Committee members.

The Dean of Honors School is concurrently held by the Deputy President of Jiangnan University in charge of Education affairs, and the 3 Deputy Deans concurrently by the Director of university Teaching Affairs Office and the Director of university Students Affairs Office & university International Exchange Office.

A special administration organization of Honors School is made up of 6 full time staff members: 1 Executive Deputy Dean, 1 Deputy Dean, 1 Sub-Youth League Secretary, 1 Teaching affair Secretary, 1 Administration affair Secretary and 1 International Affair Secretary.